“I have the results back for Meg and they are good!”

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Today while waiting to get through another day of work, I saw an email pop up from the vet clinic, specifically the vet herself. I clicked on it immediately realising it must be the results of her lump removal.

I skimmed it far too quickly and only read “benign mixed mammary tumour”. “Good” I thought, “wait, is that the good one? I always think the bad one is actually the good one? What is the other one called? Benign tumour and… benign and… MALIGNANT. No malignant is bad, I’m sure of it”.
Could have I avoided that 5 seconds of stress if I just read the sentence before and after that? “I have the results back for Meg and they are good. The lump appears to have been a benign mixed mammary tumour. Excellent news.”

So some good news! I mean, initially a small part of me was annoyed we had just spent a large amount of money taking out a harmless tumour, but it could well have turned into something nasty down the line.

As for Meg, she is recovering well from her surgery, although not taking her medications as well as she did post amputation. Not even peanut butter is disguising them well enough! She is being picky about her food which is making her sick from the medications too. Silly pup. 5 days until stitches are out, medications are over, no more annoying shirts and we can go back to walkies.

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Love the heater

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Look at those shiny teeth after the dental!

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8 thoughts on ““I have the results back for Meg and they are good!””

  1. So happy for your good news!! It’s expensive, but better to be safe than sorry. We’ll do anything for our loves.

    Walkies soon, Meg–hang in there!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, definitely better safe than sorry!!
      Meg tried to hump my leg tonight, she must be feeling a bit better hahah

  2. This is great news. We always love to hear B9. I say a big steak and ice cream is the way to celebrate. Big hugs for Meg

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. HIP HIP HOOORAAAY😁😁😁😁 Such a sigh of relief from all of is!!! Soooo happy to read this!!! We love B-9 around here!😎

    And we get an extra bonus with a picture of the ADORABLE MEG!!! Love this dog!!❀

    Maybe try inserting the pills in a slit in a hot dog with tweezers so your hands don’t have pill scent.

    Looking forward to hearing avout the return of the walkies!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thank you!! Yes we tried the tweezers but nope, still so fussy. Nuggets were the only thing that worked, the peanut butter was a second best option! Walkies resume tomorrow, yay

  4. SWEEEEET! You guys this is the best news all day. Here’s to NO CANCER!!!

    P.S. We totally get the feeling of paying a lot of $$ for a b9 tumour. Once we paid $800 usd for a biopsy on Wyatt Ray. It turned out to be an impacted hair follicle: aka a ZIT! We joke about the $800 zit all the time. But better than cancer for sure.

    1. Oh that is an expensive zit! Haha. It is well worth it for the peace of mind, and much better than cancer! Thank you for the kind words!!

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