Two year ampuversary!

We got there! Two years ago and one day, we nervously waited for news while Meg had her amputation. During those stressful hours and days in her recovery I never could have imagined she would still be with us two years later!

The vets said to us that if Meg made it two years she would be out of the woods, out of remission and that there is no chance the cancer spread and very unlikely the cancer would come back. I remember replying that I’d just be stoked if she was still alive in two years, I honestly didn’t think she’d make it this far after having cancer and losing a leg.

But she is still here, happy as ever, taking on the world! She may have had cancer scares and tried to get herself into trouble quite a few times, and if she was a cat I’m sure she would be close to using up her 9 lives but for now I’m over the moon that I still get to enjoy and love my lil girl.

Keep going Meggymoo, you’re such a little trooper!