“I have the results back for Meg and they are good!”

Today while waiting to get through another day of work, I saw an email pop up from the vet clinic, specifically the vet herself. I clicked on it immediately realising it must be the results of her lump removal.

I skimmed it far too quickly and only read “benign mixed mammary tumour”. “Good” I thought, “wait, is that the good one? I always think the bad one is actually the good one? What is the other one called? Benign tumour and… benign and… MALIGNANT. No malignant is bad, I’m sure of it”.
Could have I avoided that 5 seconds of stress if I just read the sentence before and after that? “I have the results back for Meg and they are good. The lump appears to have been a benign mixed mammary tumour. Excellent news.”

So some good news! I mean, initially a small part of me was annoyed we had just spent a large amount of money taking out a harmless tumour, but it could well have turned into something nasty down the line.

As for Meg, she is recovering well from her surgery, although not taking her medications as well as she did post amputation. Not even peanut butter is disguising them well enough! She is being picky about her food which is making her sick from the medications too. Silly pup. 5 days until stitches are out, medications are over, no more annoying shirts and we can go back to walkies.

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Look at those shiny teeth after the dental!

Surgery done

After putting off booking in for Meg’s lump removal and dental, and then pushing it back so we could get a dental month discount, yesterday Meg finally went under the knife.

I forgot how stressful Meg staying at the vet is, and by 12:30 I was relived to see my vets number pop up on my phone and even more relieved to hear everything went well. The surgery went well and Meg only needed one of her front teeth out.

This clinic must have used different pre anaesthetic sedatives or something because Meg was very spaced out last night. Luckily she was still with it enough to have her dinner and even a chicken nugget from McDonalds, but there was lot of wobbly walks, a bit of whimpering and shaking, and a lot of glazed over looks.

The wound is looking better today, but poor lil Meg is still tired and not impressed with annoying stitches. We have her in a shirt to stop her scratching, funnily enough she wouldn’t keep the little dog sock on her back leg.

Fingers crossed her recovery goes smoothly and we get good news back about the lump – the entire process is reminding me of the amputation recovery, but I’m even more worried she’s going to rip the wound right open.

Hopefully that was the last time Meg needs to go into surgery for a while!!