A meggymoo update



Meg enjoying the sand and sun

This is the life!
When you’re deep in concussion and don’t know what you’re doing



Every few weeks my boyfriend says “you haven’t updated Meg’s blog in ages” and I saw “I just don’t have the time or the news to write about?”.

Well, that still is the case, but I thought I better through up a new quick post, given my last post was about a health issue, and sudden silence after a health post seems a little ominous.

However, everything in Megs little world is peachy!

I will share a not-so-peachy story though, a month or two ago we trecked 8 hours along freeways to the New South Wales coast for a beach holiday. 8 hours of driving (plus stops) was a long day and we were all excited to get to the holiday house. We arrived, got upstairs and started unpacking the car, the dogs were loving this new found place. I went to the bathroom and heard a slight thunk and then my boyfriend (Tim) yelling. I raced out asking what happened to hear Meg fell off from the top of the stairs.

You see, the stairs went up one floor, had a resting point, and then up to the second level (so, two sets of stairs). There was a huge gap between the railing and the floor, and Meg must have not realised where she stepped out wasn’t the right set of stairs? Or tripped/slipped?

Anyway we raced down the stairs to Meg, who was on her side at the bottom, she let out a big groan and we saw she had blood coming from her eye and her mouth. I thought that was it – some sort of brain injury, we were going to lose our dog 5 minutes into our holiday. I raced up stairs to get Dotti so we could race Meg to the vet, when the people who lived in the downstairs half of the house came out to ask what all the screaming was about. After screaming that she fell off the stairs and we had to get to the vets, the kind woman explained she was actually a vet. Talk about lucky. Our luck continued as she checked Meg over, explaining that she had just put a tooth through her lip and cut her eyelid. Somehow she only had a concussion, and the vet had pain relief in her house. Due to the shock of it all, I cried for hours after and didn’t quite stop thinking Meg would drop dead from a brain bleed or an internal injury for a good 24 hours afterwards. But all was well, and Meg (and Dotti) enjoyed their holiday!

I’d post some photos but I am all outta space, but I just thought I’d let the tripawd world know all is well, and if your tripawd can hurt themselves, they will!!

Hope all your pups and cats are well!