It has been a year! One year ago today we fearfully dropped Meg off at the vet for an amputation, and fortunately the year since has been mostly positive for Meg. I’m feeling very blessed that we got lucky on this one, and that Meg is healthy, happy and enjoying life on three.

I’ve seen too many tripawd’s lose their battles in the last year, and it makes me feel a twinge of guilt and a lot of gratefulness that we’ve had Meg for this year, and fingers crossed a few more years. When I see people lose their tripawd, the dog seems to go downhill fast, healthy and happy one day, and then the next day not eating and sick, and the next day taken to the vet and receive a grim diagnosis. It is a valuable reminder to take every day as a blessing and not to plan too far ahead. Even last week, Meg had a bad day. She woke up cold and shaking, and even once the house warmed up she was in a ball shaking, not moving much. She was slow and sick on her walks and clearly in a lot of pain all day. Even though she was eating, drinking, pooping, and doing all the vital things that suggest “it might not be that bad”, I was still worried we might not see the one year mark after all.

Meg came good though, and last weekend we did a little photoshoot to celebrate the ampuversary! The photos aren’t on my laptop so I can’t spam you, but here is our favourite photo from the day!

You did it Meggymoo! One year into remission, another year and you’ll be in the clear! I’m just happy for each and every day though. Keep going Meglet, you’re a star!