New digs!

I know a lot of you aren’t awfully familiar with Australia, let alone Melbourne suburbs, but last week we moved suburbs, and we are right across the road from a HUGE park! This is just the park lands that are somewhat close to us!


So it is safe to say Meggymoo and Dottidoo are loving life, along with enjoying their bigger home. Many more spots to hide, nap, explore.

Happy tripawd

I also realised, partially due to Meg’s normal harness being left in Tim’s car (who was at work), that it is the perfect place for Meg to wear her webmaster harness, which fits a lot better now she has lost some weight and excess skin from the surgery. Such a big harness wasn’t particularly needed on suburban street walkies at our old place. But now, this park is the perfect oppurtunity to let the dogs explore some bush tracks, and help Meg if needed (she didn’t even need help).

Everywhere the light touches, is your kingdom


Very pleased to have two happy pups enjoying their new home and their new park!

A particularly late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Essentially everyday during the christmas break I thought ‘I should update my tripawds blog and check out what is happening on the forum’ but somehow, time got away from me! Never the less, I hope everyone, especially the tripawds, had a fantastic holiday season filled with love and joy! I hope those we sent christmas cards to received them or will receive them in the next week! We received our tripawds calendar for christmas which I adore, I love seeing thriving tripawds from the past and present!


Meg has been great living her three legged life, and was super spoilt on christmas day, her and Dotti even got their own cooked lunch!! Meanwhile, we’ve been busy finding a new rental property to move into, ideally we wanted a space with a yard (currently in an apartment complex) but we settled on a lovely townhouse, next to seemingly one of the biggest parklands in Melbourne! So many spots for the girls to explore! The only issue – the town house has indoor stairs. Our apartment complex had stairs up to our second level place, so it won’t be a new thing for Meg, but I’ll be interested to see how she goes as she ages. Do other older tripawds just stay on one level?

My other gripe with the dogs at the moment – they aren’t eating their kibble (specific senior dog Hills Science Diet stuff) much! They eat their wet food in the morning and always eat treats, but kibble, they’ll have max half of their daily amount each, generally less. This hasn’t impacted Dotti much but Meg has lost a fair bit of weight. I know its a good thing for tripawds to be on the skinny side but I’d hate to see her get too skinny. I do have the awful thought in the back of my mind that the mast cell cancer spread, but given both dogs aren’t eating much kibble while eating everything else, I think they’re just being fussy or not awfully hungry? Probably waiting for me to cave and give them treats (as I often do if they get left at home alone). Anyone got tips to encourage eating kibble?

In better news, we got our photoshoot prints back, that we won thanks to Meg’s cancer battle! The results are gorgeous. We wanted to highlight they’re stray history and show just how loved they are now. They both are wearing their snoods as Meg had a bald next (damn that eye ulcer). A sample:

Hope all is well, love and the best new year wishes to all!