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Meg the Tripawd

Rear leg amputation due to a MCT, still lovin' life

Meg the Tripawd

A year since discovering Tripawds!

August 24th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Ampuversary, Diagnosis, Recovery

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A few days ago I opened my “you have memories on this day” notification on facebook, and I was shocked to see a post about Meg’s biopsy from one year ago. I was aware her ampuversary was next month, but it didn’t really occur to me it had been over a year since we took her into the vet to have the strange lump in her leg looked at, a year since she had her biopsy surgery, and one year since I googled all sorts of questions about tumours in dog legs. I saw numerous tripawds blogs and forum posts, I marvelled at the nice little community, but felt I’d never have to worry about it. The vet said if the lump was anything bad, they’d just take it out, simple. Amputation was a back of the mind thought.

Which brings me to the upcoming anniversary, the 26th of august, Meg’s diagnosis anniversary. One of the most stressful, upsetting days I can remember, and probably one of the days I’ve never been more thankful for this site. After hours of crying and stressing, the idea of amputation, opposed to aggressive surgery or palliative care, seemed do-able, all thanks to this site, the blogs about surviving dogs, the youtube channels, the support and kindness in the forums.

Meg has come along way since her diagnosis, and I’m happy to say she is happy and healthy one year on and I’m excitedly hoping nothing unexpected comes up before her ampuversary and we can have a nice celebration for her.

Thanks for everyones love and support over the last year – it means the world to all of our lil pack!

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  • admin

    Thanks for the great update! 🙂 And for sharing how the Tripawds community has helped you through Meg’s three-legged journey.

  • benny55


    THIS IS SUCH GREAT NEWS TO HEAR! We looooove having good news around here!! We need victories like this to help new members have hope!!

    Huge smile in my face! 🙂

    The onlynthing is….while this is a great update with ONE adorable pictures….WE NEED MORE PICTURES OF CUTR MEG AND HER CUTE PAL!! 🙂 🙂

    Hope you got some ice cream and cake Meg!! All ONE YEAR AMPUVERSARIES require cake and ice cream! 🙂

    Love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Katie

      Not the ampuversary just yet – just the diagnosis anniversary! I’m hoping to do a big photoshoot for the ampuversary so you’ll be sure to get a big dose of Meg and Dotti cuteness!!

  • benny55

    Oops! Jumped ahead a little bit! That just means we get more reasons to pawty with ice cream and cake…..AND PICTURES OF YOUR ADORABLE SELF…and Dottie too! 🙂

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