Hopping around

It has been 53 days since Meg’s amputation. 7 and a half weeks. 1 month and 3 weeks. However you put it, its finally looking like a distant memory.

It has been a busy few weeks since my last blog for us humans, but not so busy for the pups.

The sun has been out and it is finally feeling like spring, so there have been many trips to the dog park. Everyone still loves watching Meg hop about and marvel at how well she is doing. Kids ask if it will grow back, and run around bragging about seeing a three legged dog.








The warm weather has also meant getting the hose out and watering plants, much to Meg’s delight


When my birthday rolled around, friends of both the human and dog variety gathered at the Dog House, a cafe for dogs. The girls and their friends loved their puppochinos and dog muffins.



Meg has gotten back to her pre-surgery self but destroying her soft toys and ensuring her sister Dotti does not touch them, play with them or even think about destroying them.


The girls found a birds nest which they were very curious about. Lucky it is just out of reach!

Bird chasing video

Investigating the bird nest video

Just yesterday, Meg and Dotti went to tell Santa what they want for christmas and had some photos done with him, in their best christmas costumes. Hopefully we’ll receive those photos in a few weeks and might even be able to send out a few christmas cards with them if anyone wants them!!


Keep hopping Megmoo


8 thoughts on “Hopping around”

    1. Thank you! Will be sure to post them as soon as we get them!

      I hope gator is doing well, love the charms I saw flash up on the tripawds Facebook page the other day!!

  1. OH Meg (& Dotti) you girls are so cute!!
    Love the soccer & bird videos! Can’t wait to see the Santa pics! 🙂

  2. OH MEG!!! This just makes me so happy!!

    Congratulations on a 53 DAY HAPPY AMPUVERSARY!! 🙂 And keep these great posts coming!!

    And these pictures. OMD!!! SOOOO CUTE!!

    What a great day with friends sharing Puppochinos!!

    Meg, don’t ya’ think you could share some of your toys with ADORABLE DOTTI? It looks like you have plenty!!

    The photos of Dotti and Meg going to see Santa Claus in their best Christmas outfits…CUTEST PHOTOS EVVVVVER!!!!

    I love the photo of the little three paw prints on the stairs….very poignant…very sweet.

    My connection wasn’t picking up the video, so I’ll have to come back! Not gonna miss it!!

    Lots of love to all!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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